Balassi Summer University – 2023

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary (hereunder (MFA) based on the 241/2016. (VIII.16.) Government Decree and the 11/2022. (IX. 6) MFA Order on the Organizational and Operational Regulations of the MFA, within the Balassi Scholarship Programme with Márton Áron Scholarship invites applications for the BALASSI SUMMER UNIVERSITY 2023.


Deadline of applications: 9 May 2023, 24.00 (UTC+1)

The call of application

The call for application is published at:

Steps of application:

  1. Click the field „Fill in application form”
  2. Fill in the application form and upload the necessary documents:
    • signed, printed statement (format: .pdf) [mandatory],
    • CV (format: .doc, .docx) [mandatory],
    • an approx. 200-word essay on why you would like to study in Hungary and how can utilize acquired knowledge at home country (format: .doc, .docx) [mandatory],
    • copy of non-Hungarian passport or travel documents of recognition by Hungary (format: .pdf) [mandatory],
    •  in the case of applicants of non-Hungarian origin reference letter from a social organization (eg., school, foundation, church, scouts etc.); foreign representation of Hungary; visiting language instructor; visiting professor; recognized individual (format: .pdf) [recommended document],
    • in the case of applicants of Hungarian origin reference letter from foreign representation of Hungary; Hungarian organization; recognized individual of the Hungarian community; visiting language instructor; visiting professor or in the absence of above, a document proving Hungarian origin.
  3. Finish and submit the application

Please note the following during the application:

  • we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari browsers
  • you can save the unfinished application after filling in the form, then later (but during the application period) you can continue to upload the documents or make a correction (using the data received by email)
  • please make sure to upload all the necessary documents by the application deadline
  • please pay attention to the emails you receive to your provided email address because any information regarding the application and application results will be sent to the applicants via email, by the specified date

Fill in application form